What is the difference between tartar and calculus?

Toothwax and calculus are two different concepts, so what are the differences between tartar and calculus? The difference between tartar and calculus is below.

The difference between tartar and calculus:


Tartar and calculus are two different concepts. Dental tartar is also called soft tartar. Dental tartar comprises microorganisms, exfoliated epithelial cells, white blood cells, machines, proteins, lipids, and small amounts of food debris in saliva. Dental tartar can deposit on the tooth surface within hours of cleaning. It adheres to the surface of the teeth, with the most significant amount near 1/3 of the gingiva. It is yellow or grayish-white and can easily wipe away. Bacteria and their products in tartar can stimulate oral soft tissue. The tartar is relatively mild and can remove by brushing your teeth.

Dental calculus

Dental calculus forms after the mineralization of plaque. There is still a layer of unmineralized plaque, exfoliated epithelial cells, white blood cells, food debris, etc., on the surface of dental calculus. Tooth stones are yellowish-white and can become darker when drinking tea and smoking. It tends to accumulate on tooth surfaces that are hard to brush; “Most deposits are on the tooth surface near the opening of the salivary gland, and dental calculus is also prone to deposit on the tooth surface that has lost its chewing function.”.

Dental calculus is divided into two types: supragingival and subgingival. Both can cause inflammation in the gum tissue, leading to periodontal disease. However, calculus is relatively complex and adheres tightly to teeth, making it difficult to remove by brushing alone. Therefore, it should be cleaned by a dental professional.

(If dental calculus is not removed promptly, it will gradually penetrate the gums and cause gingival atrophy.)

Oral experts say that patients with tartar and calculus should be treated promptly to affect their health. In addition to treatment, attention should be paid to maintaining teeth in daily life to have healthy teeth. So how do you protect your teeth? Let’s take a look together.

How to Protect Teeth

1. Brushing teeth in the morning and evening

First, we must keep our mouths and teeth clean to protect our teeth. So it’s necessary to brush your teeth early and late. Pay special attention to brushing your teeth at night. “If food debris is not well cleaned up during the day, our mouth will not move, saliva will not secrete, and our mouth will not receive better protection during sleep. The next day, you will find that our mouth will stink, so we do not brush our teeth.”.

2. Drink plenty of water

Drinking more water can ensure the regular water supply of the human body and effectively clean the mouth and teeth—the effect of killing two birds with one stone. Especially after meals, it is necessary to drink some water to keep your mouth and teeth clean. But don’t drink too much water after meals, as too much will dilute the digestive fluid, leading to indigestion, which is not good.

3. Eat fewer sweets

Eating fewer sweets is to prevent tooth decay. My younger brother has been accustomed to eating sweets and snacks since he was young and especially likes sweet foods. This could be better. Later, when he discovered his teeth hurt, he realized he had cavities. It’s too late to regret now. If you also like to eat sweets, pay attention to not eat them all, brush your teeth as much as possible, keep your teeth clean, and reduce the residue of sweets.

4. Drink fewer beverages, especially carbonated beverages

Only drink carbonated beverages a little. In fact, not only is this not good for our teeth, but drinking too much is also bad for our health. So, if you like to drink beverages, pay attention to the amount, and choose one with less carbonation.

5. Eat more vegetables and fruits

Eating more vegetables and fruits is very beneficial to our health and is rich in vitamins that can prevent bleeding or inflammation in our teeth. So, to protect your teeth, eat more vegetables.

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