Teeth Whitening Strips

How the teeth whitening strips works?

The blue light teeth whitening kit could work because of pap and peroxide are effective teeth whitening ingredients, they both have the same tooth whitening effect, do not damage tooth enamel, reduce tooth sensitivity.

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More details of the teeth whitening strips.

The following is a detailed introduction about the teeth whitening strips:

Item name Teeth whitening strips
Type PAP/3D/5D/7D
Specification 7 pouches/14 pouches
Flavor Mint(customized)
Active Ingredient  PAP/Non peroxide/Peroxide

How to use the teeth whitening strips?

  1. Remove strips from backer.
  2. Apply upper strips to top teeth, and repeat with bottom teeth.
  3. Leave for 30 minutes, avoid eating or drinking.
  4. Remove and discard strips, rinse away any existing gel and admire.

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