How to use the Teeth Whitening Pen?

Everyone wants sparkling teeth, but getting laser teeth whitening at the dentist could be expensive. Some can even afford laser teeth whitening, but the fear and stress of visiting the dentist could be another factor.

Due to the cost, fear, and stress of going to the dentist for a laser teeth whitening procedure, many people have opted for simple and cheap teeth whitening procedures they can use at home or on the go. Knowing how to use a home tooth whitening pen can save you a lot of money and relieve the stress of being in the queue at the dentist. If you need a perfect white tooth, first get the correct teeth whitening pen from a trusted teeth whitening manufacturer or seller and follow the procedure below to achieve the ideal result.

What should you know before using a Teeth Whitening pen?

A buyer should ask to be updated on every piece of information concerning the teeth whitening product before using it. If you are a teeth whitening business owner selling teeth whitening pens online or offline, you must explain to your customer things to know before using a tooth whitening pen. 

1. Check if the Teeth whitening pen has expired.

The seller should ensure that the teeth whitening pen has not expired. An expired teeth whitening pen will be less effective, and if it is less effective, the desired level of whiteness won’t be achieved.

2. The expectation.

People always want to know if the teeth whitening pen works. Does it whiten teeth? Their expectations are always high. It is imperative to let them know that getting the desired result also depends on the state of the teeth, the ingredients of the teeth whitening pen, storage, and the frequency of the treatment.

The teeth whitening pen is specifically designed to whiten your teeth, not clean your teeth. In other words, Teeth whitening pens are not meant to remove dental calculus or other food particles. Still, they are suitable for removing stains on the tooth surfaces, which could result from tea, coffee, tobacco, red wine, or cola nut. It is advisable to professionally clean your teeth at the dentist’s or use at-home ultrasonic teeth cleaned to remove dental calculus since the whitening pen doesn’t remove it. The desired level of whiteness can also be achieved by adequately storing the teeth whitening pen in a relaxed and moisture-free area.

3. Buy from a trusted manufacturer

Before you buy teeth whitening products:

  1. Ensure they are from a trusted and certified Oral care products manufacturer.
  2. Check the ingredients used and if the components of the teeth whitening pen are allowed in your region by the regulatory councils.
  3. Contact the manufacturer to give you the details of everything you need to know concerning the teeth-whitening pen.

How to use a Teeth Whitening Pen?

The teeth whitening pen is the cheapest and fastest product to whiten teeth in the comfort of your home or on the go. You’ll get the desired results in 7-15 days following the proper steps.

Step 1: Proper brushing and flossing of teeth 

The teeth whitening pen dose, do not remove dental plaque, calculus, or food debris. To get the best result, make sure you go to the dentist to clean your teeth at least two times a year to remove the heavy deposits on your teeth that tooth brushing cannot remove. Then always brush your teeth properly and use dental floss to perfect your teeth brushing before using a teeth whitening pen.

Step 2: Apply the whitening gel

a. If the teeth whitening kit is a computer/mobile phone teeth whitening kit, you have to dry the water on the teeth, apply and spread the gel evenly on the tray. Next, connect the computer/ mobile phone power supply, put the tray into your mouth, and bite.

b. For other teeth whitening kits, you have to dry the water on the teeth and carefully apply the whitening gel to the fronts of your teeth. Avoid getting the gel on your gums, as this can irritate them. After using the gel, place the mouthpiece into your mouth and bite, then press the button to turn on the light.

Step 3: Leave it in your mouth for 16 minutes

Please put it in your mouth and bite. It will automatically stop for 16 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse

Rinse mouth with clean water

Step 5: Wash

Get the mouthpiece ready for subsequent use by washing it.

It is okay to use a teeth color corrector after teeth whitening. It helps to brighten up your teeth. However, avoid eating or drinking anything that may stain your teeth immediately after teeth whitening or for at least a day.

The teeth whitening pen is cheap, easy to use, and very fast to give the desired result, and everyone can use it at home or on the go. Just ensure you have a quality dental-grade teeth-whitening pen from a trusted Oral care product manufacturer.