How to keep your Teeth White after the Teeth Whitening procedure?

What people notice first about you is your smile and your sparkling teeth, and that gives confidence. To brighten up the natural shade of your teeth or have a whiter and brighter smile, you need to undergo a teeth whitening procedure. 

Teeth whitening is an effective way to whiten your teeth, and it can be professionally done in the dental clinic, in the comfort of your own home, or on the go.  

Whitening your teeth is essential to have that whiter and brighter smile, but what you do afterward is equally crucial to keep your teeth white and shining.

Whether you’re whitening your teeth in the dental clinic or at home, there are a few simple instructions to follow to have a long-lasting, whiter, brighter smile. 

In this article, you will learn expert tips on how to care for your teeth after the teeth whitening procedure, as teeth whitening doesn’t last forever.

How to maintain your teeth after the teeth whitening treatment?

Your sparkling teeth don’t last forever after undergoing a whitening procedure. So to maintain your newly sparkling teeth, you must follow teeth whitening aftercare tips.

1: Avoid staining foods and drinks.

Things you eat immediately after teeth whitening matter a lot as they may prevent you from not achieving your desired result. 

Teeth stain easily after whitening because they get porous in the first twenty-four hours. That’s why you should avoid foods and drinks that can spoil the newly whitened teeth.

2: Use Whitening toothpaste.

Whether whiten your teeth or not, you should maintain good oral hygiene to keep your teeth white and boost confidence. According to the dentist, you should brush your teeth at least twice daily (after dinner and breakfast) and after eating any sugary substances or staining foods.

To maintain your teeth after teeth whitening, it’s best to use a teeth-whitening charcoal powder or whitening toothpaste, as they are specifically made to add longevity to newly whitened teeth. In addition, they smooth the teeth and remove stains on the tooth surface.

3: Brush your teeth with an Electric toothbrush.

elctric toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are great when it comes to maintaining your teeth whiteness after teeth whitening. They remove stains and food debris more properly than manually or with regular toothbrushes from your whitened teeth, keeping them whiter and brighter.

Apart from electric toothbrushes, U-shaped toothbrushes are also great Oral care products that help to keep whitened teeth alive.

4: Use a water flosser

Brushing with whitening toothpaste or electric toothbrushes is not enough. Using a Water flosser to floss your teeth is very good if you want to maintain your newly whitened teeth.

It restores teeth whiteness by removing hard-to-reach stains or food particles between the teeth or below the gum line.

5: Use of color corrector

A color corrector is a brightening booster that can be used after teeth whitening. Color corrector improves whitened teeth’ brightness and neutralizes yellow colors on the tooth surface.


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