Does Teeth Whitening Strips Work?

In our contemporary society, more and more people are striving to attain a dazzling smile – many opting to whiten their teeth to achieve pearly whites. As a result, teeth whitening has become an incredibly sought-after service, allowing individuals to enhance the brightness and color of their teeth in a relatively simple procedure.

Teeth whitening products are everywhere. If you check online and offline stores, you’ll likely see many teeth-whitening products claiming to whiten your teeth.

But do teeth whitening strips work?

Yes, Teeth whitening strips work. Teeth whitening strips can whiten and brighten your teeth by a shade or two in just minutes.

In this article, you will learn how teeth whitening strips work and where to get effective teeth whitening strips.

How the teeth whitening strips work?

Effective teeth whitening strips can whiten teeth in just minutes. However, for teeth whitening strips to be effective, they must contain active ingredients such as PAP and peroxide. They’re the most active ingredients that bleach stains in your teeth without damaging tooth enamel or causing tooth sensitivity.

Some teeth whitening strips may contain Chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is said to be the best alternative to PAP and Peroxide, but this has yet to be confirmed. In addition, unlike PAP and Peroxide, which reduces tooth sensitivity, Chlorine dioxide may make your teeth more prone to staining and tooth sensitivity.

The best teeth whitening strips for your teeth.

Dentists recommend that the use of hydrogen peroxide and PAP as active ingredients in teeth whitening strips is very important.

Ekong Smile has been one of the best teeth-whitening strip manufacturers for over ten years. When it comes to effectiveness and quality, they are the number one whitening strips manufacturer.

Ekong Smile teeth whitening strips are made to fit to your teeth, no matter the shape of your teeth. They’re thin and flexible, coated with a tooth-whitening gel containing PAP and peroxide.

How to use the teeth whitening strips?

Before using teeth whitening strips, you should carefully read any information or instructions on the product’s packaging.

For the whitening strips to work effectively, It is advisable not to brush your teeth immediately before applying whitening strips.

Open the pouch and remove strips from the backer.

Apply upper strips to the top teeth to align with the gum line, and repeat with the bottom teeth. Gently press it for good contact.

Leave for 30 minutes and remove, then discard. 


Like every other teeth whitening product, Teeth whitening strips are safe, easy to use, and very effective in whitening your teeth.

To get effective whitening strips to whiten your teeth in minutes, Ekong Smile got you covered!