How to whiten teeth with a V34 color corrector?

It is no longer news that Ekong Smile is one of the best manufacturers of Oral care products worldwide, and the teeth color corrector is one of them. 

If you are new to teeth whitening or have been whitening your teeth, but have yet to get a better result, than the color corrector is for you.

Color corrector corrects your teeth after brushing or using the teeth whitening kit to whiten your teeth.

The introduction of the color corrector has been of great help in improving teeth brightness.

In this post, you’ll learn what a color corrector is all about, how it works, how to use it, and the best manufacturer of the color corrector.

What is Ekong Smile Color Corrector?

Ekong Smile Color corrector is a purple toothpaste used after teeth whitening (post-whitening) treatment to restore and remove stains and improve teeth brightness. In addition, it neutralizes yellow spots on the tooth surface. It is the latest Oral health product added to the teeth whitening Kit to fine-tune your teeth after teeth whitening or tooth brushing.

How does a v34 Color Corrector work?

One may be wondering why the color of the color corrector is purple. Well, purple and yellow are complementary colors. In other words, PPurpleis the direct opposite of yellow on a color wheel. With that said, purple becomes the only best color to neutralize the yellow stains on the teeth surface.

This color corrector has a water-soluble serum and has been created with the exact shade to suppress yellow undertones on your teeth. The serum binds to your enamel and leaves behind no remnant, showing a perfect whiter smile.

How to use a color corrector?

Brush your teeth with Ekong Smile Color Corrector for at least 2 minutes after brushing with regular toothpaste, before an event, or after a teeth whitening procedure (home or in-office teeth whitening) and rinse with water to remove the excess and for a brighter smile. Ekong Smile Color corrector is a teeth whitening booster.

Who is using the Teeth Color Corrector?

This Oral care product is for people looking to boost the brightness of their teeth after brushing or being done with a teeth whitening treatment. It is a smile booster. Using teeth color correctors is not only for people with yellow stains on their teeth. It is also for people with white teeth that want to brighten them. 

Can I use a color corrector with veneers, implants, fillings, crowns, and bridges?

Ekong Smile color corrector is safe for dental restoration veneers, implants, fillings, crowns, and bridges as it doesn’t have abrasive properties that can alter their color.

Note that only natural teeth(real teeth) can be color-corrected. Therefore, the color corrector does not work on artificial teeth, or other restoration works.

How to get the best results using a teeth color corrector.

Although Ekong smiles Teeth Color Corrector brightens your teeth and conceals stains, but to get the best results, always brush your teeth before using it or apply it after whitening your teeth with the Ekong smile teeth whitening kit.

Is the color corrector safe to use?

Ekong Smile v34 color corrector is safe as with a chemical whitening treatment. Therefore, it doesn’t make any permanent changes to your teeth.


If you are ready to boost your smile in 2 minutes, use the Ekong smile V34 purple color corrector. It is safe with a magic brightening effect and suitable for everyday use.

Ekong Smile is a trusted manufacturing company for good Oral care products. They are widely known in the UK, USA, Germany, Australia, Canada, Africa, and other countries too.