Teeth Whitening Home Kit

How the teeth whitening home kit works?

The teeth whitening home kit working principle is to accelerate the gel to oxidize the teeth through light irradiation (blue light accelerates oxidation, red light reduces tooth sensitivity), so as to achieve the effect of whitening teeth.


1. Silicone material, basically suitable for all sizes of oral cavity
2. Wide irradiation range, able to illuminate all top and bottom teeth
3. The device is automatically timed, easy to use
4. Small and beautifully packaged

What can we support?

Support free custom labels, support and welcome OEM & ODM, print logo on the LED lamp, on the packaging, support custom instructions, gel composition customization, user menu, color card and so on.

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More details of the teeth whitening home kit.

The following is a detailed introduction about the teeth whitening home kit:

Item name Teeth Whitening Home Kit Function Effective Whitening Tooth
Lamp 16 LED Blue Light/32 LED Blue Light/16 LED Blue Light and 16 LED Red Light Usage Daily use
Package Color Box (customized) Tray material Silicone
Service OEM & ODM, private label Gel type 0.1-44-%CP / 0.1-35%HP / non peroxide
Content 1*teeth whitening light
3*3ml teeth whitening gel (customized)
1*shade guide paper
1*user menu


How to use the teeth whitening home kit?

32 LED lights: provide more power, 16 blue lights: for whitening teeth to accelerate whitening, 16 red lights: reduce tooth sensitivity

Before use the blue light teeth whitening kit, dry the water on the teeth, After applying the gel, press the button to turn on the light and turn on the light for 16 minutes, and the effect of teeth whitening can be achieved in 7-15 days.




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